8 Kingdoms - Wars And Strategy Download Free

Are you ready to rule the 8 Kingdoms?

Catapulting you into a world of 3-D fantasy, 8 Kingdoms is a turn-based strategy game that will challenge your skill as well as your ambition! As one of the many ruling Kings, your goal in this game is to become the greatest King in the land as you fortify your armies and conquer surrounding enemy kingdoms.

8 Kingdoms allows you to explore its world in either single-player or multiplayer mode. Either way you'll have your hands full as you plot and devise your way to the top. This fantastic game also comes with its own map editor, which means this game has a ton of replayability – as much as you and other players can come up with!

Game Features:

  • Realistic terrain and weather
  • units earn experiences
  • artificial intelligence
  • single-player and multi-player games
  • multi-player games discovery service
  • released for Linux and MS Windows
  • Map Editor (Windows only)