Action Ball 2 - Action Download Free

More Brick-Busting Fun

Take to the skies with the thrilling, brick-busting excitement of Action Ball 2, the electrifying sequel to the hit arcade game! Soar above the clouds in your paddle-equipped ship and fight back the relentless robots in level after level of eye-popping fun. Experience breathtaking landscapes and a variety of interesting brick formations just waiting to get knocked down.

Choose from an assortment of paddle ships and upgrade them as you work your way through an amazing 150 levels. See if you have what it takes to defeat five different robot bosses and their flying minions.

Classic Breakout Action

Action Ball 2 picks up where its predecessor left off with even more intense 3-D Breakout styled action. Maneuver your paddle along the bottom of the screen with your mouse and keep that ball from passing by. Destroy all of the bricks on each level before you run out of lives and advance to ever more complex level designs. 

Keep an eye out for the more than 30 powerful bonuses you can catch with your paddle to make things a bit easier. Utilize such enhancements as explosive balls, multi-ball, and attraction, or bring the fight to the enemy with various weapons, like machine guns, cannons, or the powerful laser.

Test Your Reflexes

With scores of enemies and power-ups to keep track of, you'll have your hands full as you try to keep track of that pesky ball and finish each level as quickly as possible. Complete the levels and earn upgrade points to increase the size of you paddle, the damage your weapons inflict, and the amount of ammo you can carry. 

Enjoy special bonus rounds every few levels and rack up some extra lives, because you're going to need them if you have any hope of coming out the victor in the epic boss battles. Put your dexterity to the test and enjoy hours of entertaining gameplay. Check out the explosive fun with the free demo, but you'll find yourself drawn to play the full download version once you get a taste of the extreme brick-busting action.

So if you like Breakout style games with spectacular graphics and plenty of power-ups, download Action Ball 2 and start the fun today!