Angry Birds Seasons - Just for fun Download Free

Holiday Goodness

As the seasons change, so does our daily life. However, it’s business as usual for the Angry Birds. They may enjoy some holiday cheer, but so do their Bad Piggy enemies. Come along and follow Red, Chuck and the rest of the flock as they smash up those egg-snatching swine all throughout the year in Angry Birds Seasons!

With a host of new birds, more types of blocks to destroy, and hundreds of new levels, it will surely keep you occupied all year long.

Meet the Birds!

  • The Red Bird is your basic shooter. He doesn’t have any special abilities, but he’s solid and straightforward. Just aim, fire, and let him wreck havoc!
  • The Yellow Bird can get a quick boost of speed in midair. Use him as a missile to cause even more damage on weak structures.
  • The Blue Bird has the amazing ability to split into three separate birds all at once. Use him to cause damage on a wide scale.
  • The White Bird can lay eggs in midair. Use her to bomb specific targets as she passes over them.
  • The Black Bird literally has the most explosive temper. Use him to eradicate the mightiest structures you can find!
  • The Boomerang Bird can be launched the farthest and he always comes back for seconds.
  • The Big Brother Bird is the biggest bird and has the easiest time breaking stuff under his weight.
  • The Orange Bird can puff himself up, pushing everything around him out of the way.
  • The Pink Bird can envelop blocks and pigs inside bubbles. Watch them float up into the air before hitting the ground hard.

Play Through Seasons 2011

In the first package of Seasons, you can sample over half a dozen different worlds based off of a variety of holidays. Everything is specially designed to fit the theme, including the music, backgrounds, props and pigs.

  • In Trick or Treat, you’ll be in for a Halloween treat as you deal with costumed pigs in spooky locales filled with candy and Jack-o-lanterns.
  • In Season’s Greedings, you’ll shatter blocks of hard ice as you take down greedy pigs in a winter wonderland.
  • In Hogs and Kisses, you’ll be reminded of what a great gift love is as you obliterate various heart-shaped structures.
  • In Go Green, Get Lucky, you’ll learn how hard being green can be in this sendoff to Saint Patrick’s Day.

Play Through Seasons 2012

The second package brings even more bird-flinging fun. You’ll revisit a couple of holidays from 2011 and celebrate a few completely new ones too.

  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Year of the Dragon. Use the level-exclusive Mighty Dragon to destroy everything in one fell swoop!
  • Take the birds to the sea and work your way through impenetrable coral reefs in Piglantis.
  • Smash up the pigs’ curriculum in Back to School and use the Pink Bird for the very first time!