Angry Birds Space - Just for fun Download Free

Angry Birds has gained massive popularity due to its winning combination of brain teasing puzzles and action packed gameplay. Angry Birds Space builds on this foundation by adding a fresh new spin to the original concept. Prepare to fling birds around in the deep, dark depths of space!

It's Out of This World

The first Angry Birds games took place on Earth. In Angry Birds Space, all that changed when an extraterrestrial force took off with the bird's precious eggs. Powered up by traveling through a super wormhole, these birds have taken to space like fish to water and are ready to do whatever it takes to get their eggs back!

Physics-based Puzzles With a New Gravity Twist

Angry Birds Space brings unique challenges to the table thanks to the new setting in space. The goal in this game is to pop the pigs who are floating around inside of oxygen filled bubbles. To further complicate things, these pigs have also constructed elaborate forts to protect themselves from attack. The pigs have chosen their locations wisely, and it's up to you to find ways to penetrate their defenses.

The pigs usually center their bases around a planet of some sort, and each of these tiny planets has its own gravitational pull which will influence the flight path and speed of your birds. Birds will spiral around in a planet's orbit and gain speed from centrifugal force until colliding with a solid object. This means some of the fastest and most frenetic gameplay ever!

In addition, some planets are positioned closely enough together to have overlapping gravity fields. This means that you can daisy-chain your birds from one planet to another. The possibilities are endless!

Go Your Own Way

Unlike the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space gives you full control over the catapult. You may shoot the birds both clockwise and counterclockwise as you see fit. As long as the pigs are destroyed, the level is considered clear. Feel free to experiment with several different techniques in order to get a 3 star ranking!

A helpful new indicator also pops up to aid you in setting the trajectory for each shot, eliminating the guesswork and allowing you to focus on defeating those swine once and for all.

New Birds, Powers and Bosses

Ice Bird is a welcome addition to the arsenal and is able to turn anything into ice on contact. Some of the birds can be manipulated in flight and others even have the power to create black holes. There are also challenging boss fights that take skill and strategy to defeat.

Free Updates and Future Levels

Angry Birds is well known for surprising their players with new levels long after the game's initial release, and that standard is continued in Angry Birds Space. These updates add to the replay value that fans love.

Angry Birds Space is a puzzle game on steroids that guarantees hours of senseless fun for anyone. Aim true and show those pigs who's boss!