Apprentice - Adventure Download Free

Journey to Finally Become a Wizard

For as long as he can remember, Mortimer Pibsworth has yearned to join the ranks of wizard-hood. His fixation led to an apprenticeship which, while exciting at first, has whittled down to little more than chores and household duties. A recurring nightmare now haunts his sleep and his spirits have fallen to all new lows. After falling out of bed in his sleep, Mortimer faces an entirely different morning…

Join the intrepid young apprentice as he sets out on a not so epic quest to collect the ingredients needed for his first spell. Explore a fantasy world full of wacky characters and experience all the elements of this endearing story.

A Classic Point-And-Click Adventure

Built with the Adventure Game Studio editor, Apprentice plays out like the classic Lucas Arts adventures of old. You navigate the various scenes simply by clicking your mouse and search for various items to be used in your quest.

Dialog is handled through the use of dialog trees and the full voice acting really helps to draw you into the story. Although there are some slight control issues, such as not being able to right click to alternate between actions, the inventory system is rather well implemented and fully compatible with the fantasy setting.

An Entertaining Story

With quite a bit of humor and some minor in-jokes, Pib's comments are sure to put a smile on your face as you meet a variety of quirky characters and scenes. The incredibly high production values help to draw you in and are reminiscent of the classic point-and-click adventures of the past. The music is very good, the cartoon style graphics are excellent, and the game is full of detail with nearly everything being clickable and verbally described.

Put some of your problem solving skills to the test as you try to decipher the various inventory based puzzles that you'll discover on your expedition. If you really get stumped, there is always the typical adventures' "try every item in the inventory on everything" strategy.

So if you are a fan of old style point-and-click adventures, download Apprentice and start Mortimer on his travels today!