Aqua Words - Education Download Free

Welcome to the world of addicting word puzzle games! In Aqua words, you will get random letters in bubbles and you will then link those letters together to form a myriad of words.

The bigger and harder the word, the more points you get for its' creation! When a word is created, those bubbles fall away and new ones replace them. This means you will need to be careful how you choose to use your letters or you might get stuck!

Aqua Words has 3 different modes of play: arcade, time attack, and a strategy mode. In Arcade mode, you will start with the lower portion of your screen filled with letters and have to keep the letters from reaching the top. Kind of like Tetris, except with words.

Time Attack mode consists of starting with points and watching those points go away if you aren't able to create new words fast enough to replace the declining points. Strategy mode consists of starting with given letters and trying to rack up as many points as possible without any sort of time limit.

If you are worried your vocabulary is too large or small, don't worry… there are three different difficulty settings. Also, you can add words to an already vast database. If you need a game that gives your brain an active challenge, give Aqua words a try.