Army Men RTS - Action and Shooters Download Free

RTS Battles with Plastic Soldiers, Tanks, and More!

Army Men RTS brings your fantasy fights between plastic army guys to life (well, kind of) in a solid real time strategy game.

Your job is to lead Sarge and his band of bazooka men, grenadiers, machine gunners, flame throwers, and plastic military vehicles in a campaign to defeat the evil Tan army.

Like most RTS games, you build bases but instead of mining resources you use trucks to siphon off plastic and electricity from objects to make men and then build an army fit to defeat the rebels.

  • "Army Men RTS has hit on something — it's serious, it's primal, it's wacky and it's fun, all at once. You get all the fun of RTS fundamentals combined with the kitsch appeal of plastic soldiers." – IGN

One of the best things about Army Men RTS is its faithfulness to bring the nostalgia of army toys into something you can really play and command.

Included are some great characters like Sarge, the commander and other hero fighters that join you on different missions. You can even build tanks, choppers, artillery, anti-aircraft, guard towers and alot more.

  • "Overall, Army Men: RTS does a good job of creating a real-time strategy game based on the classic line of plastic toys." – Gamespot

While playing Army Men RTS you will:

  • Have a blast commanding all the familiar army men types and vehicles you used to play with (or blow up with firecrackers like I did).
  • Be incredibly amused by the antics of the plastic toys and their serious battle determination.
  • Learn the game quickly through the Bootcamp tutorials
  • Be thoroughly entertained by the cutscenes between missions
  • Find even more great challenge playing people online with the multiplayer setting
  • Succeed in defeating the evil Tan army? Download it now and find out!