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Rev it up

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is a bit of a departure from the rest of the Asphalt series. While it's still full of fancy and colorful cars, plus some elaborate visual effects, it's not a standard racing game. This time it's a drag racer.

In the Garage

How you take care of your car, and which car you use, can make a difference.

  • Save money for upgrading. The money you earn from races can be spent buying new cars, but only a few can be acquired this way – most need to be bought with premium currency or unlocked by completing races. Better to spend that money on upgrading the cars you already have.
  • Watch the numbers. Upgrading comes at more than just a monetary cost. Improving torque may reduce weight or increase the strain on the engine. In fact, just about everything increases the strain on the engine. Keep an eye on the stats and find a good balance of give-and-take.
  • Nothing is set in stone. No matter how much you upgrade your car's parts, you can always go back and equip something you've already unlocked previously. You probably won't have to, but it's an option.
  • You can upgrade lots of stuff at the same time. It takes time for the higher-end upgrades to take effect, but so long as you have the cash you can start upgrading as much as you want – no need to wait for one upgrade to complete to start another.
  • Customization isn't important. Sure you can spend money on decals and new paint jobs, even an underglow effect, but none of that will affect your car's performance. This is fine if you've got cash to spare but otherwise you're probably better off saving it for upgrades.

On the Street

Timing and technique can make all the difference between evenly-matched cars.

  • How you start is very important. In the moments before the race actually starts, you can rev up the engine. If you keep the needle in the green, this will allow you to kick off the race moving a little bit faster. You can also start accelerating early if you want, which will result in a significant speed boost if you can time it perfectly with keeping the needle in the green.
  • Don't get too antsy. Yes you can start early, but you don't want to start too early. There's a white line on the road that you'll want to avoid crossing before the countdown timer reaches zero. So long as you manage that, you can start moving early. I find I have the best luck with this by waiting for the countdown to reach 1, then hitting the accelerator.
  • Keep it in the green. Once you start racing, you mostly just have to worry about how you time your gear shifting. Shifting too early or too late can slow you down a bit, but if you can time it for when the needle is at least in the yellow you'll be fine. If you can manage to shift when it's in the green, though, you'll get a tiny speed boost.

A Big Shift

I think so long as players know what to expect, they should have a good time with Asphalt Street Storm Racing. It's well suited for the mobile platform, and it looks quite nice to boot. Just don't download it looking for an arcade racer and you should be fine.