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A Young Thief Becomes an Evil Vampire's Pawn

Mel, a young orphan thief, thinks she's taking on just another job when she agrees to retrieve an heirloom orb from Darkthrop Keep. However, when she touches the orb and its glow encases her, she realizes that something strange is going on. That realization is completely confirmed when she returns the orb to the man and he turns out to be a vampire!

Now, Mel must embark on an epic quest to defeat the vampire before he destroys humanity. Can you guide the young thief through rat-infested dungeons, frozen mountains and dangerous cities and help her battle terrible enemies and save humanity?

Classic RPG Action

In this role-playing strategy game, you guide Mel to fulfill tasks, interact with characters and do battle. There are tons of fun side-quests to complete while searching for clues to defeat the vampires. You can find and use clothing, weapons and items to improve Mel's attack and defense.

Battles are turn-based. You can choose if you'd like to attack, defend, or use a skill or item on the enemy. You also control any other members of your party that you find on your journey.

Endless Entertainment and an Awesome Story-What More Can You Ask For?

Gamers of all types will adore the charming graphics and amusing characters. The storyline is great and full of interesting twists. With many hours of gameplay and three difficulty levels, this game can be played and replayed for endless challenges. Learn fun strategies as you battle evil creatures and dark vampires in an epic quest to save humanity!

Help Mel save the world and defeat darkness in Aveyond: Lord of Twilight!

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