Aveyond: The Lost Orb - Adventure Download Free

The Legendary Orb of Death is Real!

Today is Mel's wedding day and it's supposed to be the happiest day of her life! That is, until another woman marries her man and something creepy starts following her and reminding her of her past.

Then she finds out that the Orbs of Power weren't all destroyed and that she's still in line as the Darkthrop heir. She knows it's a trap, but if she can't destroy the Orb of Death then another heir might use it to wreak havoc on the world in this suspenseful third chapter of Mel's story!

Battle Monsters and Solve Complex Quests

This role-playing game is full of spunk and many plot twists. Guide Mel as she explores, quests and fights tons of enemies. Buy and upgrade powerful weapons and fight everything from wolves to worms in caves, forests, treacherous mountains and more.

Help Mel solve quests like searching a labyrinth of dangerous, worm-ridden tunnels for four shields for the Empress, and bringing a letter to a vampire to reunite two lovers. As Mel explores, she can even learn skills like rockclimbing.

This game is unique because quests can be difficult to solve but the clues are usually in dialogues. Enjoy side quests that can have multiple outcomes depending on the choices you make.

Addicting and Memorable

This endearing game will hook you from the beginning with its characters and story but you'll want to keep playing as you feel the heat of battles and the reward of solving difficult quests. The story is packed with detail and interesting plot twists and the gameplay complements the story very well so you'll always have plenty to do.

Can you help Mel save the world again? Challenge yourself now with Aveyond: The Lost Orb!