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The Pig is up

A pig has escape from prison, and you have to keep them moving. That's the entire point of Bacon Escape. The trick is to time your screen taps well enough so as to keep various hazards from ending the escape prematurely.

Cheese it!

Knowing what to look out for, and how to keep it out of the way, is very important.

  • Who rides what makes no difference. The characters and carts you unlock don't actually affect the gameplay, so just choose whichever matchup you prefer and stick with it.
  • Cash in on completed challenges. There's a list of three challenges that's always active (stuff like tumbling a specific distance after a crash, collecting a specific number of coins, etc). Every time you complete one of these challenges it'll earn you some extra coins, but only if you collect them. This is also important to remember because new challenges won't replace the old ones until you manually collect them.
  • Grab it all. Scattered throughout each level are things like coins and apples (sometimes treasure chests, too). Make it a point to collect these when you can, because they can be useful later.
  • Coins are for unlockables, apples are for continues (and unlockables). You can save up and spend coins to unlock chests from the main menu, or unlock some characters and carts from the appropriate selection screen. Similarly, you can spend apples to continue if you wipe out, or to unlock certain items.
  • Hazard color matters. The color of the hazard determines what you need to do to manipulate it. Blue requires tapping to switch the object (i.e. turn 180 degrees, switch locations, etc). Red requires tapping and holding to deactivate hazards or move platforms. Purple requires you to not touch the screen at all. You get the idea.
  • Keep looking ahead. This is a great way to see what hazards are coming, but there are a lot of branching paths, especially in later levels. If you're quick enough you should be able to spot the one that's either the most lucrative or the least difficult, then follow it.
  • More difficult doesn't always mean better. Sometimes you'll find more coins or apples along the tougher pathways, but more often than not there's a fairly even split between item distribution. What this means is that you can usually collect just as much worthwhile stuff by sticking to the less challenging paths.
  • Springboards are your friend. You can usually spot a springboard by looking for a flat blue platform with coins floating above it. Tapping at the right time will launch your cart into the air – collecting all the coins and usually putting you on a new path or even avoiding a collision.

Live for the Chase

Bacon Escape is a pretty solid auto-runner, truth be told. It's pleasantly cartoony, tasks players with manipulating the environment rather than the runner, and has lots of characters to unlock. It can sometimes be tough to spot the smaller hazards due to all the activity on screen, but all things considered that's a minor gripe. Ultimately it's a fun time and worth the download.