Bad Piggies - Animals Download Free

A Look at the Other Side

We all know the Angry Birds and their never-ending war against their egg-stealing nemeses, the Bad Piggies. Time and time again, we’ve seen the bird topple over the pigs’ many ingenious but ultimately inept fortresses.

However, with Bad Piggies, we now get a look at the other side of the fence, see what the pigs do when they’re not getting smacked around by the wingless avians.

What you’ll get is another unique physics-based puzzler where you design, build and test some of the wackiest vehicles you could ever think of!

Get the Plans!

The Bad Piggies are at it again. Their king is cooking up another scheme to get himself some delicious bird eggs and this time, he’s sure to succeed. There’s no way those feathered fiends will stop him now.

Unfortunately, just as his minions finish drawing up the plans, the papers find their way into a stray fan and get shredded up. The scraps of paper scatter to the winds and the pigs set out to go get them. Not content to just do things the easy way, the pigs opt to construct a series of vehicles in an attempt to reach the scraps more quickly.

Zany Designing

The goal of every level of Bad Piggies is to construct a vehicle that will bring the pig to the scrap of paper at the end. You’re limited in what parts you can use and how many are available, so you have to choose wisely in putting your cart together.

Don’t worry; it’s easier than it looks. Just place the parts onto the grid and you’ll have an instant and hopefully working vehicle! Just watch out; the terrain is pretty treacherous and it’s going to take a creative mind to assemble a decent cart with the pigs’ materials.

  • Put together a vehicle with all sorts of unexpected devices. Use bellows, fans, shaken-up bottles of soda, boxes of dynamite and more!
  • Roll up and down hills, through narrow caverns, and across gaping chasms.
  • Gravity is not always your friend. It may roll you down a hill, but it can also cause your cart to flip over or fall apart.
  • Avoid environmental hazards like explosives or use them to your advantage.
  • Time yourself properly. You can activate some of the more sophisticated components of your vehicle while it’s in motion. Learn when to pump your bellows, shake up the soda bottles, and turn your fans on and off to get where you need to go.

Earn a Higher Score

It’s not enough to just get the paper scraps. If you want to earn every last gold star in Bad Piggies, you’re going to need to go above and beyond what the game intends.

  • Finish each level within the specified amount of time.
  • Grab all the star crates that are scattered throughout the world.
  • Get your vehicle to the end in one piece.