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Battle Bay tosses you onto the ocean with a team of four other players as you all (preferably) work together to reduce the other team of five to wreckage. It's fairly straightforward overall, but there is a bit of nuance to it.

Battle Prep.

You're going to want to improve your ship if you want to stay competitive.

  • Once you meet the requirements, you can upgrade to improve stats and even add new slots for equipment.
  • Different categories of equipment are designated with different colors: red for guns, blue for engines, etc. This makes it easier to tell what you can attach to which ship class.
  • Upgrading improves performance, naturally, and will do everything from increasing damage to speed depending on the part being tweaked. Everything you can attach to your ship can be upgraded by spending Sugar and Parts, both of which are earned by playing but parts can also be gained when you scrap unwanted gear.
  • Don't forget about your crew. As your captain level improves you'll be able to train the crew you've hired to give them all sorts of helpful passive talents.
  • Quests can be accessed from the main menu and usually involve straightforward tasks like winning a certain number of battles or somesuch. Make sure to cash them in once you complete them, and remember that they take time to 'refill.'

High Seas Combat

There's a bit more to a match than just moving around and firing cannons.

  • You can tap an enemy ship to automatically target it, which is far easier to manage than manually moving the camera and crosshairs with the right virtual stick.
  • Once the targeting reticule turns green, you know you're in range and your selected weapon is ready to fire.
  • Weapons take time to recharge once they've been fired, but if you have more than one you can switch to others while the one you just fired is reloading.
  • Waves can block your shots if you aren't careful, so try to plan around their movement.
  • Mortars do less damage the further away you are from the center of the blast. If you see a large red target appear near you ship, either steer clear or try to get away from the center.

It's Good to be Bad

Even as someone who usually detests competitive online-only multiplayer games, I have to admit I've been having fun with Battle Bay. It's not very complex, but there's a fair bit of leeway in terms of the ships you use and how you can improve them. The online requirement is a bit annoying, but it's fine if you know what you're getting into.