Battle Camp - Popular Download Free

Enter a massive world containing exotic monsters and pulse pounding battles! Adventures await!

Catch Them All!

In Battle Camp, there are tons of monsters dotted all throughout the wild landscape. Go adventuring and wander around to encounter new monsters. Collect their eggs, hatch them and see what unique attributes each monster has. Over 800 unique monsters are available in game.

Match 3 Puzzle Battles

In Battle Camp, the monster battles incorporate classic match 3 gameplay with a twist: You can move gems anywhere on the board. Usually, you can only swap adjacent tiles when playing match 3 games, so this adds a whole new dynamic to this style of puzzle.

The game board is populated with gems that each represent an element. Each monster corresponds to a particular element, so the matches you make on the board serve as commands to your monster team, charging and directing their attacks.

Customize Your Character

Right away, Battle Camp lets you totally customize your character. No need to wait! You can change everything from gender, skintone, eye color, hair color, hairstyle and clothes. You can also select your name. Once you have your character customized to your liking, you can go out and face the world in style.

Level Up!

You, as a player, can level up. Your monsters can level up as well. Get out there and get to battling to rack up that experience!

Explore the Massive World

The world in Battle Camp is huge, with lots of area to go forth and explore. This world is massive, live and persistent, always there and ready for adventure.

Real-time Events

You and every other player of Battle Camp play within the same world. Go head to head in real-time PVP tournaments, join a Troop with other players and test your military might in Troop Wars and battle it out in monthly Raid Events.

Good Eats

As your monsters grow older, an effective way to keep them leveling is to feed them. What do you feed a growing monster, you ask? Other monsters, of course! Hatch monsters to keep or feed, your choice. Each feeding costs stones, so be sure to choose monsters wisely.

Evolve Your Monsters

Like other popular monster games, Battle Camp gives you the opportunity to evolve your monsters! Evolution has its pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Getting your freshly evolved monster back up to the level they were before the evolution will take significantly longer than it did prior to evolving.

Enjoy Your Virtual Life in Battle Camp

Battle Camp is a virtual world full of wild beasties and incredible multiplayer adventures. A free to play MMORPG that’s well worth the download. Explore, gain experience and master the strongest monsters possible! Survey new worlds, go head to head with your frenemies and catch them all!