Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game - Popular Download Free

Beat it

Beat Fever is the familiar sort of rhythm game where you have to tap at the right moment as circles fall from the top of the screen in order to sync up with the music. Sort of like Guitar Hero but you tap a screen instead of strum a toy guitar. Anyway this game gets TOUGH.

Tap a Few Bars

So you want to lead the music revolution, eh?

  • Know your cues. Regular circles just get a tap, circles with a line following them need to be tapped and held, if those lines switch lanes you need to keep holding while sliding your finger over at the right time, etc.
  • Listen to the music. It sounds silly but this is really important. It's easier (relatively speaking) to try and follow the sound of the notes and tap along than it is to simply watch the prompts.
  • Each Zone has its own missions. You can check missions by tapping on the appropriately labeled tab on the right side of the screen and they typically involve beating specific songs. Note that some of these will require an All Access Pass subscription to actually access, depending on the difficulty level.
  • Some zones have more than just regular challenges. Keep an eye out for 'Battle Mode' levels (look for a floating green sword icon), which can earn you some extra stuff if you manage to complete them.
  • Keep track of each level's Goal(s) and Limit(s). Goals involve things like landing a specific number of accurate taps, attaining a certain combo rank, etc. Limits, on the other hand, task you with stuff like not missing more than a certain number of notes and so on.
  • Level up and outfit your Beat Monsters (yes, Beat Monsters) to improve your chances. These critters can be found in Prize Grab draws, or challenged and recruited when you spot them in a zone and manage to meet their criteria. Powering them up by merging with unwanted monsters will increase their level, as will simply using them in levels to gain experience, and you can equip them with some items you find to further boost their effectiveness. Higher stats will improve things like score multipliers and how much health you have (i.e. how many times you can mess up without failing).

Your Call

The fundamentals of Beat Fever are entertaining, but it's difficult to remain enthusiastic about it when so much of it is inaccessible unless you pay for an All Access Membership. Whether or not that's worth it is up to you, but as far as I'm concerned there are plenty of similar games out there that are just as good and don't demand a subscription fee.