Big Brain Wolf - Adventure Download Free

Help A Big Bad Wolf Who's All Brains and No Brawn

This Big Bad Wolf isn't big or bad at all. In fact, he's studying to become a genie to help people! He loves vegetables and would rather play chess with sheep than eat them, which isn't good for the Big Bad Wolf family's reputation.

However, when Wolf's mother is framed for murder, Wolf must use every bit of logic and cleverness he learned from the Genie Academy to save his mother, and he needs your help in this humorous adventure!

Packed with Tough Logic Puzzles

This puzzle adventure game will give your brain a serious workout because these puzzles are challenging! Much of the game is a point-and-click adventure as you help Wolf wander around and find puzzles. There are more than 60 unique puzzles, some that may take hours to complete.

Puzzles include connecting certain objects without letting the lines cross, making six triangles using six sticks, word puzzles, number games and much more. You can't skip any puzzles but you can earn up to three hints per puzzle by completing brain training exercises such as memory games, rune recognition games, logic puzzles and more.

Help Your Brain Thrive

This game is an excellent way to exercise your brain and learn new ways to solve logic puzzles in everyday life. Puzzle game fans will love this game because the puzzles are very challenging, especially in the second half of the game, but they are straightforward and not meant to be frustrating. This game will make you feel like you learned something!

Enter a humorous fairytale land now and help Wolf save his mother and solve puzzles in Big Brain Wolf!