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Everything Finally Has its Place

Nobody likes cleaning up clutter, nobody likes playing Tetris with their luggage, and nobody likes having to push their car out of the garage to make room for their useless stuff. If only we could find a way to become better organized in our lives. The good news is that while we all may be hopeless in real life, we can at least be masters of putting everything into its proper place with Block! Hexa Puzzle.

Puzzling it Out

The objective simple: just fill in the allotted space you're given with all of the hexagonal puzzle pieces you have available. Fill in every hex! Don't leave one six-sided hole empty. It may not sound too bad, but be prepared for a shattered mind.

  • Solve over a thousand pre-built puzzles.
  • Assemble a new puzzle every day in the Daily Challenge!
  • Complete challenges and quests to collect hints and get a leg-up on your hex-assembling career.
  • Choose where you start. Take on Novice puzzles to work your way up the ladder, or begin on the Master levels and give your mind a real workout.
  • Putting it All Together Everywhere

    Solving puzzles is fun, but who's got the space to carry all the pieces these days? Actually, everyone does, provided they have Block! Hexa Puzzle on their phone.