Bob the Builder: Can Do Carnival - Education Download Free

It's Carnival Time, but all the Rides are Missing!

The Carnival Train just passed by town without dropping off any of the rides! Save the Carnival and create a fun time for all with Bob the Builder and the Can-Do Crew.

Help Bob the Builder through a variety of educational activities, win sticker bonuses, and play around with the build-it-yourself sticker book!

A Variety of Games and Challenges

Using a mix of color and shape puzzle games, Bob the Builder: Can-Do Carnival adds an interactive element to this popular television series. With a variety of challenges and a fun story it will keep the youngsters entertained while they practice the fundamentals.

Formative and Educational

Great for younger gamers! Help to develop their mouse skills and eye-hand coordination with this easy game. While not as entertaining for older players, the good clean fun is sure to keep the kids playing again and again.

If you are looking for an educational game for the kids, download Bob the Builder: Can-Do Carnival and get ready for some constructive fun!