Bos Wars - Action and Shooters Download Free

Overthrow the Dictatorship and Gain Freedom for Your People

You are the last remaining free leader and it now falls upon your shoulders to command your forces and achieve victory. Begin by defending your small outpost in a critical battle against Captain Szarin and lead your war-weary troops to stop him at all costs. Build up your base, train an army, and wipe the enemy from the field.

Move onward to defeat Captain Fizzpot and defend against the vicious Commander Fzedhia as they try to restore their dictatorship. Watch the story unfold as you fight ever greater battles and strive for victory in this real time strategy game.

Classic RTS Gameplay

Bos Wars keeps things rather simple and easy to use with classic RTS elements that any fan of the genre will instantly recognize. You can either play a random 'skirmish' style map where you set conditions, and computer opponents, and see who will be the last standing, or you can explore an expansive campaign. Search the field quickly since the game map has a 'fog of war' which darkens anything outside of your units field of view, making it very important that you monitor the enemy as much as possible.

There is no research component in the game, so it is only a matter of building manufacturing facilities and collecting resources in order to get your units onto the field. Also, all players have the same buildings and units so obtaining resources is key. This game handles resources in a slightly different manner than other RTS titles. There are two resources, magma and energy, which can be collected by harvesting trees and rocks or building power plants and magma pumps over hot spots. The buildings collect these resources at a continuous rate and this greatly affects your unit production ability.

Interesting Strategic Planning

Though the actual units and controls are quite simple, the planning and resource management you'll need to conduct greatly adds to the gameplay. There is no real unit cap to speak of, but the amount of resources which you can hold depends on the number of vaults, or command bases, which you have. The resource collecting and unit production affects your treasury at a continuous rate, so if you are bringing in the same amount of materials which are being used to produce units and structures, then your reserves are not affected.

This flow between using up or bolstering your reserves greatly affects the gameplay since you can produce a greater amount of units in a short period of time if you have enough built up in your reserves, but your production rate greatly slows down when you have to wait for your harvesters to bring in the much needed resources. You'll have to find just the right mix for each battle if you have any hope of survival.

So if you like classic RTS experiences with some intriguing gameplay twists, then download Bos Wars today absolutely free!