Braid - Action Download Free

Start on a Journey of Discovery

Get thrust into a mysterious grand adventure! We find our hero, Tim, walking away from a burning castle in a suit and tie only to come across a serene house with many doors beckoning him to enter a variety of worlds. Apparently Tim has to rescue a Princess because he "made a mistake" but you have little else to go on.

Explore a number of worlds and read a series of books that precede each level to learn why Tim is on this quest and how he found himself to be in this place. Complete levels and collect jigsaw pieces to reveal the many twists that can be found in this mysterious tale.

Intriguing Puzzling Experience

Braid is essentially a puzzle/platformer that has you navigating various levels and utilizing a "rewind" power. Controlling Tim is incredibly simple with the arrow keys controlling movement, the spacebar jumps, and occasionally you'll have to use the mouse for some jigsaw puzzles.

The time manipulation though is where Braid really shines. You can rewind the game at any time by pushing the "Shift" key and move back move by move until you reach the start of the level. Where things start to get complicated is that some objects and enemies are unaffected by the rewind button.

These aspects of your control are extremely important in that many of the puzzles are time-based. For instance Tim may have to use a key repeatedly, rewinding time while holding the key, then traveling through a door that was unaffected by the time shift to use the key again.

Think Outside the Box

The puzzles which you'll find within Braid are complex yet can be reasonably solved by thinking "outside of the box". Each world has a particular quirk that once you figure out makes many of the level solutions seem natural.

For instance one world has a copy of Tim created every time he rewinds, but the clone repeats the previous actions, such as hitting a switch, while you do something else. This opens up many possibilities such as chaining events to open up a gate to reach the end of a level.

There are no real tutorials and a big part of the game is self-discovery, figuring your own way around the puzzles.

Additionally, the beautiful watercolor graphics and catchy soundtrack help to flesh out the entertaining story and you'll find yourself wanting to come back to experience the epic journey again and again.

So if you like platformers with addictive gameplay, download Braid and start the quest today!  This game has won numerous awards for its innovative gameplay and excellent story.

What the Experts are Saying:

  • "In an age when many games feel like clones of one another or are designed to be easy to beat, Braid sticks to its guns and delivers a rewarding and memorable experience that's definitely worth checking out." – IGN, 88/100
  • "A moving story, serene visuals, and brilliant puzzles make Braid an adventure that you absolutely should experience." Gamespot, 9.5/10
  • "Braid is beautiful, entertaining and inspiring. It stretches both intellect and emotion, and these elements dovetail beautifully rather than chaffing against each other." – Eurogamer, 100/100
  • "Excellent but intellectually limited as a puzzle-platformer, Braid is made truly divine with emotional depth and a bittersweet humanity — a monumentally relevant game that speaks highly of its creators and their potential audience's tolerance for new ideas. To say nothing of an absolutely brilliant, emotionally devastating "ending" that proves that time isn't really that malleable after all." – 1UP, 100/100