Bubble Town - Popular Download Free

Classic Match 3 Gameplay

Bubble Town brings the best of bubble popping gaming. Make matches of three or more to clear the pieces from the board! Bubble Town adds an interesting twist by putting the focus on skillful moves rather than fast, frenetic gameplay. Bubble Town rewards bankshots and strategic gameplay over straight shots, so plan accordingly and get your A-game on!

Marvelous Multiplayer

What could take bubble popper puzzles to the next level? How about competitive, worldwide multiplayer? Now we're talkin'! Bubble Town lets you pit your bubble popping prowess against other players in real time. Go head to head, participate in tournaments and hone those bubble matching skills!

Rank Up!

Bubble Town keeps track of your wins and losses, and you can rank up to higher levels within your League. Moving up gives you the opportunity to compete for better prizes and more money, so play each round as if your career depends on it!

Play for Keeps

Ready to make bank with your enviable match 3 skills? Then put your money where your mouth is and play for real cash. If you win, the money is yours.

Play for Practice

Not ready to put actual cash on the line? No problem! You can play Bubble Town for free to get that essential practice. Whenever you're ready to put real cash on the line, switch over to real cash. Simple!

Borbs Are Adorbs!

The pieces in Bubble Town aren't the inanimate objects you're used to in bubble shooter games. These guys are alive! They are alive and have an influence on gameplay. If they start to snooze on the job, you're gonna have to wake them up! There are several unique Borbs in the game, each with their own unique character.

If you find these adorable Borbs too distracting during gameplay, you have the option to turn their faces off, turning them into multicolored marbles for distraction-free play.

Responsive Controls and Crisp Graphics

Bubble Town is snappy and responsive for fast, accurate aiming and firing of pieces. Just place your finger on the screen, drag the cannon to aim and then lift your finger to fire. Easy and effective! Need to cancel your move? Drag your fingertip down to the base of the cannon and release. Now your shot is canceled. These responsive, intuitive controls enhance gameplay for the best experience possible!

The graphics in Bubble Town are smooth and bright, with nice contrast for fun, effortless matching!