Bus Driver - Action and Shooters Download Free

Bus Driver Makes Driving Buses Exciting and Fun!

Think being a bus driver is easy or boring? Think again!

The very first game of its kind, Bus Driver places you behind the wheel of a dozen different buses, transporting passengers all over an attractive and realistic city.

Drive a school bus full of screaming kids, a bus full of tourists on a sight-seeing expedition, even a prison bus full of convicts!

It ain't all glitz and glamor like in the movies, though. You'll need to obey the rules of the road unless you want to be put permanently out of BUSiness!

Bus Driver Delivers Great Depth of Gameplay!

The wheels on the bus go round and round! You've got 12 very detailed buses to drive, all based on real-life models – long-distance luxury cruisers, even London's famous double-decker buses!

Bus Driver includes 30 routes to drive in 5 tiers of difficulty, and the city you operate in is huge – travel through modern, old-town, suburb, airport, and harbor districts while experiencing day/night cycles and realistic weather conditions like snow, ice, and rain.

Extremely Realistic Driving Simulation

Re-learn how to drive! Driving a bus is a lot different than driving a car, and Bus Driver strives to cram as much of that difference as possible into the in-game experience.

At the same time, the game is easy to learn because the controls are so simple. Just like a real bus, your vehicles accelerate slowly and take a long time to stop, so be careful out there!

You'll need to obey traffic signs and stop lights, use your turn signals when merging or switching lanes, heed other traffic, and above all, obey your bus schedule. Keep your passengers happy by being safe and on time!

Everything in Bus Driver is just like it is in the real world.

Challenge Friends and Family to Beat Your Scores!

Bus Driver gives you great replay value, because you can always improve your performance on any mission.

Earn bonus points for keeping passengers happy for a mile, using your turn signals properly, and waiting for green lights.

Lose points for driving erratically, scaring people by braking too fast, or running a red light – hitting stuff with your bus generally isn't a good idea, either.

See if you can complete each route perfectly, with no deductions!

You're Surrounded By a Living World!

Bus Driver really makes you feel like part of a hustling, bustling city with lots of traffic around you at almost any time, and it's all controlled by a smart AI system which interacts with you.

Dealing with other cars, trucks, and buses just adds to the fun and the challenge!

Try as you might, you won't find a game quite like Bus Driver anywhere. It's very different from other driving games – a simulation in a class all by itself!

If you've ever wanted to drive a bus, Bus Driver is the next best thing. Don't miss the bus on this one – try it out today!