BVS Solitaire Collection - Cards Download Free

Solitaire Games Galore

With 385 versions of solitaire, this collection is a dream come true. Choose from solitaire games like Baker's Dozen, Courtyard, Simple Simon, and many more games ranging from easy to difficult.

A Unique, Relaxing Playing Experience

Play old favorites or learn a new version of solitaire every day with this collection. Each game has rules and a demo to teach you how to play quickly and easily.

Change the background or card back designs to personalize your playing experience and create a relaxing atmosphere that's all your own. The save feature allows you to come back to any game. View your statistics to see how well you've done on your past games.

Endless Entertainment

There's always a new version of solitaire to learn in this game. With this many interesting versions of solitaire in one easy place, boredom no longer has a place in your life.

If you're a solitaire fanatic or just looking for some excitement, BVS Solitaire Collection won't let you down. Start dealing those cards!