Caillou Kindergarten: Counting and Thinking Skills Combined - Education Download Free

Play Educational Games with Caillou!

Caillou Kindergarten is a great way to get children ready for kindergarten and to help them practice what they're learning in kindergarten! Children will have a blast playing with Caillou and his toys while learning about counting and organization.

Develop Counting and Thinking Skills

Caillou will teach children vital skills like number recognition, sorting, same and different, associations and more in 26 exciting activities. Children can even learn Spanish and French!

Some exciting activities include clicking on all squares that have a certain number to move Caillou through a maze, finding all the items in Caillou's room that don't belong, finding the opposites of objects, catching letters to spell words, matching pictures, coloring and more.

Let Children See that Learning is Fun

Playing with Caillou is a fun and memorable way for children to build a strong foundation in counting and thinking skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. The ability to play the game in three languages is a fun addition that will keep children interested for countless hours. The whole family can play and enjoy time together!

Give your children a game that's entertaining as well as educational with Caillou Kindergarten!