Candy Crush Friends Saga - Popular Download Free

Return to the Candy Kingdom

There's never a dull moment to be found in the Candy Kingdom. There's always some lollipop or other that needs to crushed, there's always some stray critter that needs to be rescued, and there's always a cookie of some sort that needs a good dunking. Honestly, it's too much work for one person to handle. That's why you won't be doing it alone anymore; in Candy Crush Friends Saga, all the buddies you've accumulated over the course of your mixing and matching across the kingdom will be lending you a hand in King's latest iteration of the legendary Candy Crush series.

All the Candy Crushing Action that You Love…

The match-three gameplay you've come to know from Candy Crush Saga is back, and it's just as challenging and strategic as ever.

  • Complete hundreds of puzzles in a more colorful world.
  • Free animals, save octopuses, dunk cookies, fill up hearts, and more!
  • Create special treats for more explosive action, including fish, wrapped candies, striped candies, and the all-powerful color bomb.
  • Shatter layers of cages, frosting, chocolate, caramel and so on.
  • Smash candy with even more powerful lollipop hammers, including striped and wrapped variants.
  • And more!

And a Whole Lot More!

New to Candy Crush Friends Saga is the addition of friends ready and willing to give you a helping hand. Seek their aid, and you'll crush candy like never before!

  • Collect over 20 of your favorite Candy Crush characters, including Tiffi, Yeti, Misty and more!
  • Choose who will assist you in every level.
  • Take advantage of your friends' unique powers. Remove obstacles in an instant, get more special candies on the spot, and more!

Another Worthy Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga proves that King is still the undisputed king of the match-three puzzle game. There's more matching to be had, more special treats to fuse, and more pals to join you on your journey than ever before! If you've got a taste for some tactical match-making, then download the app on your phone right now and begin your saga anew.