Candy Land: Dora the Explorer Edition - Just for fun Download Free

Join Dora on a Delicious Adventure!

Help Dora the Explorer and her fun friends, Diego, Backpack and Boots, travel through Candy Land to a fiesta! Experience the classic enjoyment of the Candy Land board game but Dora-style with Benny's delicious candy canes, Tico's tasty peanuts, Iso's lollipops and more.

This game is great for children ages three to six and also fun for older friends and family. Play single player against the computer or play with up to three other friends.

Meet Fun Characters and Play Their Educational Mini Games

Just like in the Candy Land board game, each turn consists of drawing a card with a colored square on it and moving to the nearest square of that color on the board. Once a player passes a figure, such as Abuela, an educational mini game pops up. Play a memory game to pass the Grumpy Old Troll, bake with Abuela and learn counting and colors with other adorable characters.

Watch out for Swiper because he'll steal away one of your turns! The game ends when a player reaches the final square and then everyone goes to the fiesta!

Great Fun for the Whole Family

This game makes learning fun because kids will adore the cute characters and their enjoyable, educational mini games. They can practice necessary skills like counting, learning colors, logical thinking, memory and even learn some Spanish. Play along with your kids and experience the laugh-out-loud fun of competing to finish first and shouting out answers together!

For a fun-filled, tasty trip into Candy Land, join Dora and her friends now!