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Familiar Newness

Card Wars Kingdom is something of an evolution of the original digital card game that was based on an episode of Adventure Time. It uses familiar themes, and many of the familiar cards, but the underlying structure is actually far different. Its not as deep but its not shallow, either, and it plays a lot faster – all good things as far as Im concerned.

The Basics

Much of Card Wars Kingdom can be compared to Hearthstone. If youre not familiar with Blizzards popular card game, however, this should get you up to speed.

  • Everything uses mana. You start with one mana, and get an additional one every round. Pay attention to how much various cards cost to play and creatures cost to use, and plan ahead.
  • Tap to get info. You can tap on just about everything (your creatures, your opponents creatures, cards, and so on) to get more info about them.
  • Enhance creatures at the Lab. Here you can make your creatures more powerful in a variety of ways, but itll cost you.
  • Complete missions for more goodies. You can check your missions from the main menu, and finishing them off will grant you all sorts of goodies you can use to enhance your team.
  • Creature Feature

    The biggest change in Card Wars Kingdom is a focus on creatures. Youre only allowed to use so many per match, and once theyre all knocked out youre done.

  • Be mindful of creature costs. It usually doesnt take much to summon a creature, but the stronger ones will cost more to attack with. You can absolutely make a team of five heavy-hitters, but chances are they wont be able to act for several rounds.
  • Some creatures make better starters than others. One such example is the Corn Wall, which has low attack power but decent health, and it doesnt cost much to use. Perfect for early rounds where you have very little mana to spend.
  • Drag your creature onto another creature to attack. If you need to check stats like health or attack power, just tap on them.
  • Attacking generates more cards. Each creature can draw one of five cards (detailed on their info page) whenever they attack, which can then be used immediately – or whenever you feel like it, so long as its your turn.
  • Cool Guy

    Card Wars Kingdom is a good follow-up that takes a familiar formula and does its own thing with it. Fans of the first game may be expecting something different, but it can be a lot of fun if youre open to it.