Choices: Stories You Play - Popular Download Free

Choices: Stories You Play is a sort of mash-up of games that are driven by choice (like something from Bioware or Telltale) and a choose-your-own-adventure book. Only in this case there are a lot of different books covering different genres to choose from.

Turn the Page

There are a couple of things you'll need to know before you start reading.

  • There are more than just the two stories you start with. You can choose between either a romance or a fantasy story when you're first starting out, but at any time you can return to the main menu and try the other tales on offer.
  • Pace yourself. Starting a new 'book' is free, but you need to spend keys in order to continue on to new chapters – and keys slowly refill over time. You might need to stop reading for a bit from time to time so the keys can come back.
  • Save your diamonds. Diamonds are your only means of making certain choices at specific points of a story, and they don't refill like keys do. If you come across a decision that requires diamonds, make sure you want to spend them first. Otherwise you're better off saving them for a story you're more invested in.
  • You can earn diamonds. It takes a while, but you can save up diamonds by completing a story's chapter for the first time. Given the time it takes for keys to come back this may take a while, but it is possible to stockpile a decent-ish amount of them without spending money.

A Bad Buy

If it weren't for the freemium monetization, Choices: Stories You Play would be a decent collection of stories worth reading (and re-reading). Unfortunately the need to spend premium currency on important decisions completely undercuts the possibility for enjoyment. None of it is worth the frustration.