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A New Way to Clash

Times have changed in the world of Clash of Clans. Victory can no longer be pulled from the jaws of defeat via a horde of barbarians. This more civilized land requires greater precision, and a more gallant breed of warriors to lead the charge. This is Clash Royale. Combining strategy gaming with card collecting, and setting it in the colorful Clash of Clans setting, Supercell challenges you to think of new ways to outsmart people all over the world in yet another thrilling app for Android and iOS devices everywhere.

Collect Them All!

Every warlord needs an army at his or her beck and call. In Clash Royale, the power of your army rests within the cards. Get them all and ensure that your clan is the biggest and toughest one of all.

  • Assemble up to three distinct decks from a growing pool of over 40 cards.
  • Use troop cards to deploy warriors, spell cards to call upon arcane forces, and building cards to bolster your defenses.
  • Level up your cards and improve the power of your soldiers, spells and buildings.
  • Open treasure chests to acquire cards, gold and resources.
  • Prepare for Battle!

    Combat in Clash Royale is an intense battle of wits. You must outsmart and outmaneuver your opponent at every turn, for even one second of hesitation will spell doom for you. Whichever player topples the opposing castle first wins.

  • Deploy dozens of troops, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, including Knights, Giants, Bombers, Valkyrie and more.
  • Cast devastating spells like Fireball, Rage, Poison and Goblin Barrel.
  • Set up buildings to take control of the battlefield. Construct Cannons, Barbarian Huts, Tombstones, Inferno Towers and more!
  • Manage your supply of Elixir carefully. No Elixir means no cards to be played!
  • Join a Clan

    Clash Royale boasts impressive social tools that will enmesh you in its vast community. The world may be full of competition, but you can rest assured knowing that someone will always have your back.

  • Create or join a clan. Trade cards, chat with friends, challenge buddies to friendly duels, and more.
  • Tune in to TV Royale. Watch matches between experienced players and learn advanced battle strategies.
  • Prove your prowess to everyone. Show the world how many cards you've collected, victories you've claimed, trophies you've earned, and so on.
  • Deserving the Royal Treatment

    With Clash Royale, you can experience a new blend of strategic gameplay never seen before in the world of mobile gaming. With thousands of players to take on, dozens of cards to collect, and all sorts of soldiers to command, you have an app that's worth every optional penny you spend on it. Anyone looking for a fast-paced cerebral romp owes it to themselves to see what Clash Royale is all about.