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What's a Living Claw to Do?

There's nothing lonelier than a claw crane. All you can do is hang in the air and watch over the masses of stuffed toys and dolls below. Fortunately, it doesn't have to stay that way. With Clawbert, you will help the eponymous claw crane finally make friends simply by doing what he was built for: grabbing things!

A Game of Cranes

Clawbert couldn't be simpler to pick up. Just snatch as many eggs as you can before time runs out. With luck, you'll make a few new friends by the time the machine refills.

  • Pick up eggs and hatch them to get more friends for Clawbert.
  • Collect over 100 colorful characters, including a sloth, a sentient cactus, a living sock, a pessimistic cup of water, and more!
  • Grab coins and gems that can be used to unlock even more goodies.
  • Complete new challenges and achievements every day.
  • Unlock over a dozen stylish hats for Clawbert to wear.
  • And more!

Let It Take Hold of You

Clawbert is a cute and charming app that lets you take the joy of a classic crane game everywhere you go. If you're a rabid collector who just has to have it all, then get your hands on this little grasper today and don't ever let go!