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Get to Know the Muffin Man

So here we are. Another week, another match-3 puzzle game. This time it's Cookie Jam Blast, which is themed after baked goods and sort of a pseudo Candy Land. Well okay then.

Similar Strategies Abound

We're pretty much just retreading old ground here but for the sake of thoroughness let's run through the basics.

  • Group size matters. Matching four or more of the same tile will always create a power-up of some sort, which always comes in handy. Try to stick to matching more than three every chance you get.
  • How you complete groups also matters. Depending on the configuration of the matched tiles (a straight line, a 2×2 square, a 'L,' a 'T,' etc), you'll create different types of power-ups. Try to remember what creates what and use that to your advantage whenever possible.
  • Line-clearing power-ups go either horizontally or vertically, and will clear out a row or column depending.
  • The gumdrop bee thing will seek out tiles that need to be cleared for level completion. They only work one tile at a time (unless you can match up two gumdrop bees together), but every little bit helps.
  • Macaroons or whatever they are function as bombs, clearing out everything around them in a 3×3 star-like pattern.
  • X power-ups clear out diagonal lines in an X shape, naturally.
  • Rainbow cake will clear out all of whatever color it's matched with.
  • Combine power-ups for increased effect. If two power-ups are next to each other, even if they're not the same color, you can swipe them together to create a more powerful, well, power-up.
  • Know your baked goods. Different types of edibles present different obstacles. Knowing how to handle each one is very important.
  • Waffles can only be cleared by matching colored pieces that are on them.
  • Popsicles need to be freed by clearing the frozen tiles above them. It's similar to waffles but they won't disappear until the entire popsicle is unfrozen.
  • Chocolate can only be removed when you match colored bits in adjacent spaces. Chocolate also stays where it is – it won't shift to follow the flow as the board fills in.
  • 'Toppers' or whatever they're called (it's the adorable ice cream scoops) are basically like chocolate except they're usually spread out across the board instead of being arranged in tight groups.
  • Donuts are like chocolate except that they move with the rest of the pieces on the board and can be swapped when making matches.
  • Leftover moves go towards your final score. Every move you have remaining once a board is cleared will produce one power-up (in addition to any that might still be on the board). Once everything is tallied, the power-ups will be activated and hopefully cause your final score to skyrocket.
  • Ignore 'hints' whenever possible. If you take longer than a second or two to act, the game will make two pieces blink in order to 'help' you figure out what to do. This is almost always a sub-optimal move. Instead, try to see what other moves might be on the board. Chances are you'll find something much, much more beneficial.

The Same as it Ever Was

If you've played any other recent match-3 mobile games, chances are you'll know exactly what to expect – down to every last mechanical detail – from Cooke Jam Blast. That's okay, I guess, unless you're sick of seeing the same formula being used over and over again.