Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire - Popular Download Free

Floor it

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire puts you in charge of an upstart cab company, with the ultimate goal of earning a ton of money and overtaking the local competition. Seems like a decent enough start. Just don't download it expecting anything even sort of resembling an arcade racer.

Grow the Brand

So you want to be a taxi empire mogul? Well there's not much to it. Seriously, there isn't much to it.

  • Always be expanding. Every new cab you buy means earning more money over time.
  • Try to match the right driver with the right car. Some cabbies have a particular favorite vehicle. If you can match them up well (look for a pretty noticeable heart icon when buying a cab), they'll be even more profitable.
  • Upgrade cabs as often as possible. Every cab you have can be upgraded from the menu, and each level increases their overall hourly earnings. Even the earliest, lowest earning cabs can make some serious bank if you level them up enough.
  • Don't forget to promote your drivers. As you play you'll start to earn driver-specific licenses. When you've collected enough you can use them (plus a little cash) to promote that driver and increase their earning potential even further.
  • Always deliver your scratch tickets. You'll earn these somewhat regularly while playing. Once delivered you can scratch them off to earn more cash and possibly new licenses, but deliveries take time. Scratch tickets will NOT be useable otherwise, so make sure one is always on the way when you can.
  • Keep an eye out for special icons. When you're on the city screen tapping away on fares, other beneficial things may pop up like VIPs, stunts, and what I can best describe as a speed boost of sorts. Each of these will earn you a bit of extra cash if you can act fast enough.

This is Fine

Despite having a more interesting start than most, Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire still boils down to the average idle clicker experience. Tap a couple of menus, close the game, wait for a few hours, repeat. It's not necessarily bad, but it's also nowhere near as exciting as the arcade games.