Crimsonland - Shooter Download Free

Crimsonland is a no holds barred action game with no nonsense. You pick up weapons, you hose enemies. It is easy as that but oh is it fun and addictive! The hard rock soundtrack, challenging gameplay, and incredibly fun weapons leave you wanting more, more, more! Just remember to stop and eat now and then…

Game highlights:

  • An upgraded Jackhammer or Plasma minigun
  • Fire bullets – Cut through the noise and waste tons of aliens at once
  • Level 1.10 8 Legged terror – Hardcore mode (extremely nerve wracking!)
  • Level 2.1 Everred pastures – Hardcore mode (good luck)
  • Level 2.9 Ghost Patrols – Hit the visible one
  • Level 4.7 Gauntlet – Run fast
  • Level 4.10 The End of All – Total mayhem!