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An Accursed Land

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that beamed with magic and life. Then one day, greedy demons posing as gargoyles spread a curse upon it, turning the once prosperous nation into an inhospitable wasteland. The people cry out for a hero, but who could possibly save them in their time of need? That would be you of course! With the help of the Phoenix Spirit, it will be your duty to travel across the ruined kingdom, unearth the Elements of Life, and undo the curse plaguing the land.

Match to Triumph

The Elements of Life are out there, and it will take every puzzle-solving skill in your arsenal to find them all and dispel the curse.

  • Match blocks together on a three-dimensional plane.
  • Leave nothing to chance. Plan your attack and play only the most strategic cubes in your hand.
  • Observe where new blocks will rise, and position your cubes accordingly.
  • Match special cubes together and form explosive combos to remove dozens of blocks in one fell swoop!
  • Acquire elements and elixirs to restore life in the kingdom.
  • And more!

Begin Your Journey

Cubis Kingdoms is a new brand of puzzle game that breathes life into a well-tread genre. If your mind is hankering for some mental stimulation, but you crave something original, then give this app a whirl. It will literally change the way you look at puzzle games!