Cue Club - Simulation Download Free

This is the Billiards Game for You!

Cue Club gives you the most comprehensive and detailed pool sim available. It will actually make your real game better and for all ages and skill levels.

Kids can play in the "slam" mode and just smash balls around the table with their hand and the pool connoisseur can take on one of hundreds opponents in tournament mode.

Play Many Different Billiards Games in Cue Club

In Cue Club, you can sample any of the 7 different variations of game modes including:

  • U.S. 8-ball
  • European 8-ball
  • 9-ball, snooker
  • mini-snooker
  • speed ball
  • and killer.

Once you've gotten enough practice you can enter a tournament and rise to billiards glory against a variety of opponents.

It's Easy!

If you are a beginner don't worry! The Practice mode allows you to move any of the balls where ever you want, making practice easy.

If you are a billiards master the practice mode allows you to set up complex trick shots that mesmerize your opponents.

Play Billiards the Way You Want!

This game is fully customizable. Everything from the rules to the color of the table's trim. You can change the game to your liking. Also customize the balls, cues, and the table felt.

Get Better at Real Pool Without Expensive Tables and Equipment

Cue Club is unlike other billiards games because it makes you a better player in real life.

Other games show you the ball's path, which builds bad habits, but Cue Club guides you to learn how to make shots correctly with the detailed shot-taking style.

Get the Most Realistic Billiards Experience You Can with Cue Club!

This game puts you in the pool hall by featuring realistic graphics and sounds, real ball response, and lifelike physics to make the motion of the game real.

Talk Smack to Hundreds of Opponents!

Play against a friend or one of the hundreds of computer players in this realistic pool sim. The computer players play as natural as humans and can make mistakes.

You can even chat with the computer players and talk smack if you want.

Pocket Balls You Never Thought You Could!

Make seemingly impossible shots with the detailed controls in Cue Club. Apply English and spin to the ball to easily sink the shots you used to miss.

Cue Club gives you the most control over the cue, cue ball, and other balls.

Sound like a winner?  It is!  Download Cue Club now and experience one excellent pool and billiards simulation!