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Death is a Long-Lasting Effect

You thought everything was okay aboard the ESS Meridian. You thought that the undead and horrible cybernetic monstrosities that her scientists created were fully stopped by the heroic sacrifice of one brave soldier. You couldn't be even more wrong; the terror has only begun.

Get ready for another round of Dead Effect. This sequel to the sci-fi space zombie shooter has it all and a whole lot more. There are more weapons to fire, more skills to learn, more zombies to kill, more monsters to face, more ship to explore, and more mysteries to uncover. The danger is great and the risks are astronomical, but what else can a futuristic super-soldier like yourself do? Don't think; just start shooting.

Mobile Shooting Action

Nobody ever thought that you could make a convincing first-person shooter for a mobile platform. Dead Effect proved them all wrong. Boasting polished visuals and a revolutionary touchscreen control system, it proved the shooter had a place with the force of a shotgun blast. Now its sequel aims to raise the bar even further.

  • Features sharp and high-resolution console-quality graphics.
  • Listen to a professionally-scored soundtrack dripping with atmosphere.
  • Fully customizable interface. Map the touchscreen controls to your exact preferences.
  • Shoot your gun from the hip or look down the iron sights for greater accuracy.
  • Fire your weapon manually or enable auto-attacking.
  • Explore expansive levels filled with hidden secrets, challenges and goodies.
  • Fight in Style

    The Meridian is infested with all manner of gruesome undead, rogue security drones, and other unholy abominations created with unethical science. It's going to take a lot of guns, guts and glory to see this mission to its end. Better grit your teeth and crack the knuckle on your trigger finger; this is going to be a long ride.

  • Play with three characters: Gunnar Davis the soldier, Jane Frey the assassin, and the all-new Kay Rayner the close-combat specialist.
  • Wield dozens of weapons, including pistols, assault rifles, electro-shotguns, chainsaws, pulse grenades, katanas and more!
  • Master an array of supernatural abilities. Telekinetically pull enemies toward you, leash them in place with a gravitational field, or stop time itself!
  • Collect money and tokens to upgrade your weapons and improve your skills.

    Make Them Stay Dead!

    If you're an avid first-person shooter gamer who has long been disheartened by the poor showing the genre has had on the mobile market, then you absolutely need to check out Dead Effect 2. It combines the look, challenge and adrenaline-inducing frenzy that the PC and console classics are known for with the portability of your favorite phone or tablet. Pick up a gun and go on an interstellar zombie hunt with Jane and Gunnar today!