Deadly Sin - RPG Download Free

A Princess Must Destroy the Seven Deadly Sins

Young Lorelai's life is sent spiraling when her mentor, Winchester, suddenly disappears, leaving only a note that Lorelai must begin a quest. As the story unravels, she learns that she is heir to a powerful empire!

Join Lorelai on her journey around Dondoran through dark mausoleums, dangerous forests and shady cities as she meets interesting people like a handsome thief and a fiery priestess. Help Lorelai destroy the seven deadly sins!

Battle Enemies and Upgrade Characters

Enjoy classic role-playing game action as you guide Lorelai on her quest. Gather party members and control them all in battle. When fighting dangerous monsters in turn-based battles, you can choose the attack, skill or item that you want each character to use.

Each of the six characters has a unique skill tree. Choose which skills to improve as each character levels up, such as putting skill points into Lorelai's burning arrows. Can you perfect the characters so that they can make it past wicked thieves, giant spiders and many more terrifying enemies to fulfill Lorelai's destiny?

Memorable and Entertaining

If you're ready for an adventure, then this game is for you! Enjoy a good story, amusing characters and exciting fantasy action for more than 30 hours of compelling gameplay. The beautiful music and thrill of playing this game are so memorable that you'll long to return to the incredible world of Deadly Sin for another fun time.

Destiny is calling to Lorelai. Will you help her discover her future and destroy the seven deadly sins now?

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