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It's Time to Play Deal or No Deal!

Today is your lucky day! You can now join the excitement of the long-running game show, Deal or No Deal. You won't do so as a member of the audience, but as a bonafide contestant. Pit your wits and test your luck against the Banker as you sift through the briefcases to see if you can get a better deal than he's willing to offer. Will fortune be on your side? Will you be one of the lucky few who get the million dollars? Play Deal or No Deal on your favorite mobile device and find out!

Classic Play

Deal or No Deal isn't hard to figure out at all. In fact, it's as simple as opening up a briefcase. You have nearly 30 cases to pick in total that could contain as little as one measly buck or as much as a million dollars. It's your job to figure out which ones have the big money and convince the Banker to give you a good deal.

• Eliminate briefcases with low amounts of money to leave room for the big payoffs.
• Consider the Banker's offer carefully. Refuse his deal to keep playing in hopes of getting something, or take it to end the game with a solid amount of cash.
• Pick a starting briefcase. If you can accept an offer from the Banker that's greater than its monetary value, then you'll win the game.

Digitally Enhanced

This is not just a straight-up port of Deal or No Deal. This mobile edition is enhanced with features that are guaranteed to make the classic game show more exciting than it ever was before.

• Earn experience with every win you eke out to level up and unlock more goodies.
• Get tokens by winning games, completing challenges, or by spinning the wheel.
• Includes four game modes: Classic Deal, Tournament Deal, Knock Out and Three Strikes.
• Log into Facebook to go head to head against your friends and earn even more tokens.
• Purchase or uncover power-ups that will give you an advantage. Increase the amount of money that comes in the briefcases, automatically improve the Banker's offers, earn bonus tokens, and more!

You Can't Beat this Deal!

With Deal or No Deal, you can experience both the tension and the excitement of the world-famous game show everywhere you go. Pop open those briefcases while you're on break, while you're traveling, or just to kill time on a rainy day, and see if fortune is with you. Praise Lady Luck for opening every low-money case, and curse her name when you lose the million. There's no bad deal to be made when you play Deal or No Deal.