Deer Hunter 2005 - Simulation Download Free

Awesome Hunting Simulation!

Has it been awhile since you've been out in the woods looking for that prize buck? Deer Hunter 2005 gives you that chance again – grab your gear and let's go!

A very realistic hunting simulation, Deer Hunter 2005 puts you out in the wilderness with the opportunity to take part in the oldest and most dangerous contest there is – man versus beast. However, there is one difference between you and those who came before: they didn't have high-powered rifles with sniper scopes!

Even with all the cool gadgets and gizmo's of the modern hunter at your disposal, your task still won't be an easy one. The deer are elusive and wary, so you'll need your wits about you for a successful hunt!

Tons of Options and Features Make Gameplay Incredibly Varied

Beyond the target range, Deer Hunter 2005 offers:

  • hunting challenges in 6 different locations – Australia, the Black Forest, Georgia, Illinois, Utah, and Oregon
  • You choose to carry any 2 of 17 weapons, ranging from bows and pistols to shotguns and, of course, rifles!
  • Choose your character and pick his or her strengths – will it be in tracking, calling, stealth, presence, weapons, strength, or some combination thereof?
  • Outfit yourself with a ton of extras – optics, lures, stands, navigation aids, even vehicles!
  • Ride a horse or an ATV, depending on the terrain and your preferences for noise and speed.

Deer Hunter 2005 allows you to do everything you can do in real life, and more!

Animals Behave and React in Realistic Ways

With any hunting simulation game, one of the most important aspects to success is a good AI to drive the behavior of the animals. Deer Hunter 2005 delivers on this – you'll be surprised how realistic the 5 different species of deer are!

Just like in real life, they have extremely keen senses of sight and smell. If you're not careful, they hear you and escape long before you can see them. If you approach from the wrong direction, they catch your scent on the wind and bolt.

Deer Hunter 2005 will put all your hunting knowledge and prowess to the test!

Breathtaking Natural Environments

Experience the great outdoors like never before! Travel to the dense forests of Germany, the Sky Lakes Wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, and down under to the Australian savannas.

Each one of the 6 hunting landscapes is unique and each has its own beautiful scenery. The graphics and sound effects of Deer Hunter 2005 are sharp, clean, and appropriate, allowing you to take your best shot!

Take Your Game Online for the Most Intense Hunting Action Around!

Things get even more interesting when you play Deer Hunter 2005 against other human players over the Internet. It's the same game, only now you have to compete with other people – keep your eyes on the prize!

Deer Hunter 2005 also comes with a menu system that's easy to navigate, which is important when there are so many options to explore.

Such a winning combination of great features and realistic gameplay makes Deer Hunter 2005 one of the best hunting simulation games out there.

Don't hesitate Рwhen the shot is there, take it!  Download Deer Hunter 2005 and nail the big one!