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Another Day, Another Defense to Mount

There’s never a dull moment in the life of a castellan. It seems that every day, some no-good army of demons serving a wannabe dark lord just wants to bash down your gates and pillage your lands. Luckily for your subjects, you’re not about to make it easy.

Armed with the latest in castle defense technology and destructive sorcery, your castle is ready to take on everything that so much as looks at it funny. Man your weapons, take careful aim, and mow down those enemies that are marching for war. If that isn’t enough, then just flick your wrist and watch them be incinerated in an instant with one of many nasty spells. The power is yours to protect the castle and kingdom in Defender II!

Route the Attackers

The monsters are coming to your castle in full force. Their mission is to destroy your walls at any cost, even if they have to scratch at them with their claws and nails. Don’t let them. Use the ballista and an assortment of spells to kill them one by one. No matter what happens, your castle must never fall!

  • Tap the screen in the area you would like to shoot to fire a bolt from your ballista.
  • Click and drag the spell icons to cast one of many powerful spells upon the enemy forces.
  • Purchase new kinds of ballista. Get ones with more powerful shots, use those that have poisoned bolts, buy some with knock-back abilities, equip your castle with rapid-firing weapons, and more.
  • Buy better and more powerful spells. Rain fire down from the sky, unleash a wave of cold upon the demons, zap them with lightning, and more.
  • Improve the quality of your castle. Make the walls thicker and more impenetrable, add in a moat of lava, construct sentry towers, and so on.

Go Head to Head

Defender II will give you a lot of mileage with the singleplayer portion. However, if you really want to see how you stack against other castle defenders, then you can opt to play against another player.

  • Hook up with another player quickly and easily via the automated matchmaking system.
  • Pit your preferred weapons, upgrades and spells against another person to show them how it’s really done.
  • Defeat wave after wave of enemies. Whoever can stay alive the longest wins.

Victory is at Hand!

If the old tower defense genre feels a little too hands-off for you, then Defender II might be a breath of fresh air. It not only lets you determine what kind of defenses your castle will have, but puts you in direct control of them as well. With hundreds of enemies marching to your walls, you’re going to have one heck of a time taking them all down, but it will feel so much sweeter when you do.

Take your part on the ramparts in Defender II, and protect the kingdom with everything you have!