Delta Force - Action and Shooters Download Free

Editor's Update (10/21/14) РThere is no longer an official free trial download or demo for this game.  However, you can buy a low cost full version download at Steam

Do You Have What it Takes to Fight With the Elite Delta Force?

In Delta Force, be a part of a tactical special forces team assigned to obtain objectives and terminate enemy bases. Rescue hostages, dodge enemies and engage in battle in Delta Force.

Eliminate a Variety of Different Enemies and Tackle Many Objectives

Take on any of the five single-player campaigns around the world including: terminating a drug lord in Peru, dealing with a hostage situation in Chad, halting a biological attack by terrorists in Indonesia, battling through a civil war against insurgents in Uzbekistan, and stopping the potential launch of a nuclear warhead on the Russian island of Novaya Zemlya.

Terminate Terrorists With a Variety of Weapons

Destroy the opposition with numerous weapons including:

  • the M4+M203 Machine Gun
  • a M249 SAW Machine Gun
  • a H&K MP5 .9mm submachine gun
  • the Barrett Light .50 Caliber Sniper
  • and a M40A1 Sniper Rifle.

But, these are just your primary weapons.

In Delta Force you also are equipped with a secondary weapon (like LAWs hand-held missiles, M18 Claymores and extra ammunition), a sidearm (your options include: a HS .22 suppressed handgun or a Spec Ops .45 handgun), a deadly knife and a batch of frag grenades.

Some missions even require you to utilize a laser designator to pinpoint targets for an airstrike.

Be in the Battle!

Hear the bullets whizzing by your head with exceptional sound effects and never get bored or repeat the same missions with 40 maps and ever-changing AI enemies. The battles are always changing because the enemy is never in the same position twice.

Snipe Like You've Never Sniped Before

Get up in your enemy's face from a distance with Delta Force's screen-in-screen feature that zooms up close with your guns' scopes.

The Barrett .50 Cal Sniper features a 8x scope with an effective range of 1500 meters and the M40A1 Sniper features a 8x scope too with an effective range of 800 meters. Both scopes will offset from your third person view and aid you in eliminating your enemies.

Follow Intense Storylines

Unlike other first-person-shooter war games, Delta Force explains to you why you are fighting and where. The game features extensive briefings before and after your missions which give you in-depth information about your performance.

Interact With Natural Elements, Like in Real Life

Delta Force features realistic situations and environments all in the great outdoors. You have to snipe from mountain tops, spray enemy factions with machine gun fire, and launch RPGs across valleys.

Delta Force's environments are so realistic, you can even shoot down birds and other natural obstacles.

If you want a realistic, intense, and tactical first-person-shooter war game, download Delta Force!

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