Despicable Me: Minion Rush - Popular Download Free

Become Minion of the Year

Get ready for the rush of your life! Things are heating up in Gru’s underground lair. The Minion of the Year award is on the horizon, and every one of those loveable and gibberish-spewing minions absolutely need to get it. If you want to prove your worth to super-villain extraordinaire Gru, then pump up your adrenaline and be prepared to take a beating.

You’re going to dash, run and leap through the most hazardous trails ever thought possible at nearly the speed of sound. If you can finish your missions while avoiding the myriad of obstacles in the way, you just might catch the big man’s attention. Go forth and prove that you are the greatest minion ever in Despicable Me: Minion Rush!

Race for Glory and for Your Life

Gru’s minions may not be the fastest thinkers out there, but they are most certainly fast on their feet. You’ll believe it when you take control of one such minion and have him blaze a trail through the deceptively twisted world of Despicable Me. See how far you can run through a course that’s doing everything it can to ruin your day.

  • Swipe your finger to the left or right of the screen to bank your minion appropriately.
  • Slide your finger up to jump in the air.
  • Swipe your finger down to slide on the ground and avoid overhanging obstacles.
  • Propel yourself up in the air by hopping on springboards.
  • Ride on a missile and bypass all the hazards on the ground below. Steer it by tilting your device.
  • Ride on your back on a variety of slippery slides. Tilt your device to control your movement.
  • Take out the competition! Other minions will be running through the course along with you. Earn a despicable Bonus by literally knocking them out of the running. Remember, you’re working for a villain.
  • Avoid deadly hazards like laser tripwires, spinning saw blades, bombs, bottomless pits, Fart Guns and more!

Power Up

Minions may be capable of doing all sorts of crazy things with just their stubby arms and legs, but if you really want to unlock their potential, you have to arm them with all sorts of crazy weapons and gizmos. Minion Rush hosts a variety of power-ups that, when used wisely, make the elusive Minion of the Year award much easier to get.

  • Grab as many bananas as you can on the course. Use them to purchase all sorts of gadgets produced by Gru and his chief mad scientist, Dr. Nefario.
  • Use the Freeze Ray to freeze hazards in harmless blocks of ice. Smash them to earn even more points.
  • Get the Banana Vacuum to suck up every visible banana on the screen.
  • Activate the Banana Splitter to make every banana you grab count as two. Cloning technology has surely reached its apex!
  • Use the Minion Shield to absorb one hit before getting knocked out of the running.
  • Drink the XXL Potion to transform into a gigantic Mega Minion. Crush everything in your path!
  • Ride the Fluffy Unicorn to bring yourself to an all new zone filled to the brim with tasty bananas.
  • Get a head start with the Minion Launcher.

Finish Your Mission

It’s not enough that you have to outrun and outdo your fellow minions on the track. You also need to impress the people in charge. Gru and his friends have a variety of tasks they want you to complete. Doing so will net you even more goodies.

  • Accept missions from Gru, Dr. Nefario and the three girls.
  • Run for at least a set distance before you crash.
  • Collect a minimum number of bananas in a single run.
  • Roll under obstacles a consecutive number of times in a single run.
  • And more!

Infused with Personality

Minion Rush is not just any old running game. It pulls off all the stops to bring the world of Despicable Me to life and injects the game with all of its trademark humor.

  • Race through two different environments: Gru’s secret underground lab and his suburban neighborhood.
  • Watch the action unfold with colorful three-dimensional visuals and a cinematic camera.
  • Features fluidly animated minions with a lot of character. Watch them laugh, scream, giggle and get injured for your amusement.

Feel the Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is rich in two departments: fast-paced action and laughs. It brings the world of the hit animated film series to life like no other and is despicably hard to put down. Rush to get this free game now!