Diamond Digger Saga - Popular Download Free

Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of the planet to unearth shiny treasure and undiscovered secrets? In Diamond Digger Saga, your mission is to help Diggy navigate the unseen depths and find treasures of all kinds.

Puzzle Fun!

In Diamond Digger Saga, players are presented with grids of gems underground. If three or more gems are grouped together, they can be removed from the board with a simple tap, and other gems will fill the space left behind. Water is an element that you have to work with as well. Water is free to flow further down when matches are made nearby, and once the water reaches the bottom of the grid, you are whisked away to a deeper puzzle grid, whether you’re ready or not! Beware of water and make matches carefully to complete your objectives successfully!

Adorable Story

In Diamond Digger Saga, you follow along with the adventures of a lemon yellow digger alien named Diggy. Diggy is a sweet little fellow who goes through life thinking digging is the solution to all of life’s problems. For the most part, he’s right! Missing a pet? Digging is the answer. Missing toys? Dig for them! Need some money? Get to digging! The game presents Diggy’s adventures via cutscenes, and the storyline is sweet, simple and adorable.

Targeted Puzzle Action

Each level has certain requirements that must be met in order to move forward to the next level. Matches made that don’t meet the requirements won’t give you any points, and each move has the potential to move water further down the grid. This makes strategy absolutely necessary to beat the levels.


Dynamite, color bursts and line blasts give you a helping hand during gameplay. Use them wisely to make getting through those tough levels easier.

Cute Art Style and Sweet Sound

The artwork throughout Diamond Digger Saga is whimsical and adorable, with otherworldly aliens that are as soft and sweet as can be. The main protagonist, Diggy, has a bucktoothed smile that few could resist, and the world he lives in is round, colorful and unique. Progressing through the game is a great opportunity to see all this alien world has to offer.

The music in Diamond Digger Saga is excellent too with lots of instruments and sounds coming together to make a soundtrack you won’t soon forget!

Digging is Better With Friends

Connect Diamond Digger Saga to Facebook to go head to head against the matching skills of your friends! A Leaderboard gives you the opportunity to see who among your circle of friends has got the digging skills to beat. Top their score to be the very best!

Free to Play

Diamond Digger Saga is free to play, with in-app purchases possible if desired. Lives will be refilled given time, so purchasing lives isn’t necessary to enjoy the game fully.