Drawn: The Painted Tower - Adventure Download Free

Enter a Tower Where Paintings Come Alive

A girl cries from her prison at the top of a dark tower. She has a special gift: her paintings open doors to enchanted worlds. But she is in great danger and without her, all hope is lost.

Can you journey through the dark tower and solve its puzzles before it's too late for her, or you? Brave countless puzzles, paintings that come alive and creatures that you may or may not be able to trust in this epic quest to save Iris.

Packed with Intriguing Puzzles and Amazing Graphics

In this beautifully-illustrated puzzle adventure game, you'll face puzzle after clever puzzle, each spanning multiple rooms and paintings. For example, enter a farm scene painting and help the scarecrow find his missing clothing by solving puzzles both inside the painting and in the adjoining room.

Puzzles include putting scraps of paper together like a jigsaw puzzle, figuring out how to heat a sun medallion, finding pieces of broken objects strewn throughout many rooms and much more. On each floor of the tower the puzzles become more challenging. Hints are available and some puzzles can be skipped. Can you solve the mysteries of the tower before it's too late?

A Memorable, Exciting Experience

This game will instantly transport you to a dark and mysterious world where magic abounds. The stunning graphics and abilities to explore and solve puzzles at your own pace make this game seem like much more than a game. If you are looking for an exciting, brain-bending quest that you will remember for a long time to come, this game is it!

The fate of the world lies in your hands. Can you solve the puzzles to save Iris in Drawn: The Painted Tower?