Dumb Ways to Die - Mobile Games Download Free

Stupidity is the Enemy

Albert Einstein has told us that only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. Everyone has their bouts of the latter. More often than not, it just results in laughter at the stupid person’s expense. Other times, it results in death.

The Dumb Ways to Die game was made after the success of the above viral video. What's your favorite "dumb way to die"?

You’ll be privy to both in Dumb Ways to Die, a darkly humorous game of speed based off the hilarious internet sensation from Metro Trains Melbourne. Dumb people are everywhere and they’re all about to die in equally dumb ways. It’s up to you to keep that from happening using the capabilities of your iOS device.

If you win, you will be a hero. If you lose, then some people will be getting their well-earned Darwin Awards.

So Many Dumb Ways to Die

Metro only scratched the surface when they listed the many gruesomely funny ways in which you could kill yourself. You could take off your helmet in outer space, hide in a clothes dryer, or sell both your kidneys on the Internet. Those same fools who killed themselves for your amusement in the original video are about to do so again. Only you, your touchscreen and your accelerometer can save them!

  • Tilt your device to maintain the balance of the superglue-eater and keep him from falling over.
  • Avoid the room with the psycho killer.
  • Get people off the railroad tracks before the train arrives.
  • Remove the fork from the toaster carefully.
  • Chase away piranhas with a flick of your finger before they bite the idiot where the sun doesn’t shine.

Act Fast! Nobody said saving the lives of a bunch of imbeciles would be easy. From the very beginning, you will only be afforded a few precious seconds before death rears its ugly but laughable head. Things will only escalate from there, proving once and for all that human stupidity truly knows no bounds!

  • Levels and scenarios appear at random. Be ready for anything.
  • Increase your total score with every dumb death you prevent.
  • The levels get harder the further on you go.
  • Stay alert! The game picks up speed at a steady pace.
  • Fail three times and it’s game over for you.

Play Smart, Win Big

Virtue may be its own reward, but you can win a whole lot more than that if you can prove your prowess in Dumb Ways to Die.

  • Unlock the whole cast of characters to make for a more lively and soon-to-be deathly title screen.
  • Acquire your own copy of the original “Dumb Ways to Die” video and watch it whenever you like.
  • Post your scores to the online leaderboards and show everyone just how great of a lifesaver you really are.

An Intelligent Way to Have Fun

If you have a macabre sense of humor alongside an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod Touch, then the smart thing would be to download and play Dumb Ways to Die right away. It’ll test your reflexes, bust your guts, and put that catchy song back into your head. The game is easy to pick up, simple to learn, hard to put down, and completely free.

Play it at home, play it during your coffee break, or play it while you’re riding on the train. Just don’t play it while you’re sitting on the train tracks themselves. As Metro will tell you, that’s one of the dumbest ways to die.