Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed - Mobile Games Download Free

To War!

If you're into the kind of action game where you can mow down hundreds of foot soldiers in seconds while using obscenely flashy special attacks, then you likely know about Dynasty Warriors. If you're looking for something like that to play on your phone, you should know about Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed.

Battle Prep

Simple though the action may be, you'll want to properly prepare before you fling yourself into the enemy hordes.

  • Beef up your officers. You can use unwanted officers (and some items) to increase another's level, up to a maximum based on their individual star ranking. Naturally, the higher the level the stronger they'll be.
  • Stars are important. Officers with higher star ranks are able to reach higher maximum levels. In addition to this you can eventually unlock the ability to merge two max-level officers of the same rank to make a random one that's one rank higher, or you can upgrade a favorite officer to the next rank once they hit max level in much the same way.
  • Give everyone gear. Any officers you're going to put to use should be equipped with a weapon and armor (to start, but you'll unlock a lot more types as you progress). More gear means even more power.
  • Gear can be merged and upgraded just like officers. Same general rules apply – you can use unwanted stuff to improve the stuff you do want.
  • Try to have one of each element on your team. The three officer elements (Fire, Water, Wood) work on Rock-Paper-Scissors/Pokemon rules. Water beats Fire beats Wood beats Water. Having one of each on the team makes it easier to capitalize on an enemy's weakness.

Throw Down

Ready to kick dozens of butts at a time? Here's what you should keep in mind.

  • Look for elements. Enemy officers (minus the occasional boss) all belong to an element. Look for the colored circle next to their health bar to see which one they belong to and switch your own officers to take advantage.
  • Familiarize yourself with your favorite officers' specials. Different specials behave differently (area of effect, attack in a straight line, etc). By knowing how they perform you can utilize them more successfully for things like crowd control or taking on enemy officers.
  • Look for shiny objects. Things like barrels and some weapon racks can be broken and will sometimes drop things like gear or power-ups. These are usually worth picking up.

Almost Flawless Victory

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed falters a little bit when it comes to competitive play, but overall it makes for a really solid and fun time. The simplistic action is actually a really good fit for mobile, and there are more than enough extra bits like equipment upgrades and bonus modes to keep you entertained for quite a while. Definitely give it a look if any of that sounds the least bit interesting to you.