Empires & Dungeons - RPG Download Free

Build your hero and empire take over the land

It is a dark time of war in the land. Many lords are attempting to seize control of surrounding territory to expand their empires – including you!

Empires & Dungeons is a blend of fantasy strategy and role playing. Build your army to attack and defend enemy factions. Build your main character by crawling dungeons and fighting monsters. You will need both to succeed.

Your heroes personal victory is essential

To get the money you need to build your army and construct advanced buildings to get better soldiers, your hero must explore dungeons. You will come upon many different creatures that when defeated, will give you treasure, weapons and experience. Level up your hero to become a better fighter.

You must also choose your moves in the main world carefully. Every move you make, your enemy will make one as well, getting stronger with each step. Use your brains and your brawn to conquer Empires & Dungeons!

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