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Discover the Secrets of Your Past and Defeat a Horrific Evil

You awaken to find that you can't remember where you are, how you got there, or what happened in your past. The only thing you know is that your name is Zak. Upon investigating a village for hints about your past, the peasants greet you proclaiming you to be "the chosen." You soon come to realize that this legendary figure is expected to save the helpless citizens from evil.

It is now up to you to undertake various quests and try to rid the realm of evil. Perform more than 80 quests as you travel across three massive islands, each with its own diverse climate and culture. Use your bow, sword and magic to defeat more than 300 monsters as you delve deeper into the secrets of your past.

An Exciting RPG Experience

Evil Islands plays like a traditional hack-and-slash role-playing adventure with tons of action. You can issue move and attack commands with the left mouse button, rotate the camera by holding the right mouse button and zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel. The main gameplay features a variety of quests that you'll receive from quirky characters like Erfar the Silvertongue, Barbur the Tightfist and Gort the Skullcrusher.

Collect gold in order to purchase better weapons and spells as you make your way through the progressively more difficult quests. The fighting system, at its core, is point-and-click combat, but it adds in some interesting features. For example, you can target your foes' limbs in order to reduce their combat effectiveness and increase your chances of a critical hit. You can also creep up on unsuspecting foes or sneak past them completely.

Interesting Strategic Situations and Character Building

Evil Islands has all the elements of a classic role-playing game and adds plenty of strategic situations. In some cases, it is best to sneak past a group of guards, but there are several different avenues to try and all but one usually leads to some tight situations. You'll need to use all your skill and cunning as you explore dark dungeons and mysterious forests in order to find those precious items and unravel the clues to your past.

Another way that Evil Islands is a unique RPG experience is that there are no set character classes. You gain experience points by killing foes and completing quests and these can be used to boost skill in melee, archery, stealing and three types of magic skills. In this way you get to shape your character to match your personal gaming style.

If you like action-packed role-playing games, download Evil Islands and start the adventure today!

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