Fabulous – Angela’s High School Reunion Platinum Edition - Time Managament Download Free

In the latest instalment of the Fabulous series of games, Angela is heading to her High School reunion. The path to such delights isn't so smooth though, meaning she needs plenty of help organizing and attending the event. When things go a little wrong, it's down to you to keep Angela busy and fulfilled through a series of time management levels.

Dodging some mistakes

Angela probably never expected that organizing her reunion could almost lead her to jail but that's what happens in Fabulous – Angela's High School Reunion. Starting out working in a dress shop, she'll work her way through various scenarios, and even have a brief stay at Snuggford Prison. It'll all be worth it though, providing you keep her on top of things!

Keeping busy

  • Play through 90 exciting time management levels
  • Discover 6 new locations along the way
  • Complete special levels for extra bonuses
  • Collect trophies to show off your achievements
  • A compelling tale

  • Help find the perfect dress for your customers
  • Serve them delicious food
  • Tidy up the school hall and keep people happy
  • Prepare tasty drinks at the reunion
  • Complete laundry duty in jail
  • So much variety

    There's so much to do in Fabulous – Angela's High School Reunion. Rather than just serving customers food or other items like in other Time Management games, you need to make new dresses, create jewellery, stop fights occurring during the reunion, and even perform laundry duty while stuck in jail.

    You're taking Angela on a constantly varied adventure of different tasks, ensuring you'll always be gripped by the new events unfolding throughout the game. A series of cutscenes tell a gripping story of Angela's journey down memory lane and beyond. It's a thrilling ride.