Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age - Task Management Download Free

Get Your Hands Dirty With Extreme Farming!

Scarlet is ready for some tough farming! Follow her as she heads to the North Pole to start a one-of-a-kind farm and help her care for penguins, woolly mammoths and more!

Farm Frenzy fans are sure to love this continuation of the series because it features the same gameplay as in Farm Frenzy 3 but in a new, entertaining location.

Fast-Paced Levels With Tons to Do

Click as fast as you can to feed animals like two types of penguins, walruses and more and collect produce like eggs and tusks. Sell the produce or use it to make cakes, ice cream, clothing and more.

In order to move on to the next level, you must complete a set of objectives like gathering 50 eggs, making 20 cakes and making $500. If you complete the objectives in the time limit then you'll earn a gold medal on that level.

Watch out for predators like polar bears that will destroy your animals! You can buy dogs to chase predators away and cats to help you collect produce faster. You can also buy upgrades for your buildings like bakeries that can make three cakes at a time instead of one.

Extremely Addicting and Replayable!

This game involves a lot of strategy as you decide how to best use your money. Should you upgrade your buildings first to make them faster or should you buy more penguins first so you can have more eggs to use?

The combination of strategy and the exciting fast pace will keep you clicking for endless hours! You can replay this game many times to earn all the gold medals and trophies, and with how addicting this game is, you'll want to!

If you're looking for excitement then head to the North Pole now in Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age!